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Visionary Heart Alchemy™ Training – Visionary Heart Alchemy is a complete system of personal alchemy (an idea inclusive of, but much bigger than, personal growth). The core of this training is the activation and cultivation of the Visionary Heart. This is what the classic western alchemy texts refer to as the Philosopher’s Stone that transforms lead it to gold.  The Philosopher’s Stone is not an external object but rather a structure of consciousness already within you but largely dormant. As this structure becomes activated and its potency cultivated, it stabilizes expanded states of consciousness and attention, and begins transforming the leaden structures of you consciousness, energetic-subtle body and your gross physical body into structures of Alchemical Gold, as well as activating new structures. This is experienced as ever increasing feelings of joy, peace, love, and well-being as well as the emerging and increasing of all kinds of qualities and capacities such as cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, intuition, flow, charisma, and compassionate responsiveness.


As the Potency of the Visionary Heart increases you will learn to harness its power to achieve specific results of personal transformation and growth, through the many skillful means of Visionary Heart Alchemy. These applications of unfolding potency of the Visionary Heart will, in addition to the specific intended results, further empower  the Visionary Heart. 


Visionary Heart Cultivation

The Activation and Cultivation of the Visionary Heart is extremely valuable endeavor in its own right and is the core of all the Alchemical Processes used in  Visionary Heart Alchemy and the Alchemical Hero Approach to Global Alchemy. The Visionary Heart training is a meditative and state mastery training that gives one much greater control of one's emotional and mental states as well as access to extraordinary states of consciousness that are inherently transformational. The Training incorporates the insights of modern research into the physiological correlates of peak performance and meditative mind states with ancient meditative and transformational methods with a millennia of proven effectiveness to create a highly effective training that brings results that are both immediate and sustaining.

Some of the Many Benefits of Visionary Heart Cultivation:

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence and resilience
  • Increased Joyfulness
  • Healing of old emotional wounds
  • Increased capacity to access all of one's internal resources (An infinitely deep well)
  • Reduction/Elimination of Negative Stress and increased assimilation of positive stress (transformation of stress into growth)
  • Increased capacity to learn both knowledge and skills more quickly
  • Increased capacity to respond resourcefully, creatively, and spontaneously
  • Increased access to intuition
  • Increased ability to see the forest and the trees
  • Increased authentic compassion, love and kindness
  • Increased authentic calm
  • Increased capacity for concentration/focus
  • Increased capacity for mindfulness/presence
  • Increased access to non ordinary/transformational/high performance states of consciousness/ the zone/ flow
  • Pain Management
  • Increased capacity to get off autopilot
  • Increased rapport, charisma,
  • Increase in communication skillfulness
  • Increase capacity to be in the most appropriate state for any given situation.
  • Increase creativity and creative responsiveness
  • Increase capacities for logic and reasoning
  • Increased analytical capacity
  • Increased sensualization capacity (Sensualization is another word for visualization that is meant to be inclusive of all the senses rather then just vision)
  • Increased integration capacity
  • Greater ability to bring ideas into fruition
  • More courage
  • Greater emotional and conceptual flexibility

Visionary Heart Cultivation will complement any other form of Meditation or Spiritual Practice

All that is required to train in the activation of the Visionary Heart is to be a human being and to set aside some time every day to do the training. You might think "I just don't have the time.", but the truth is you don't have the time not to. Visionary Heart training will make all other time usage many times more effective. As little as 5 minutes a day can make a difference in your life (of course if you can give more time you will see greater result more swiftly.) There are many resources, some of which utilize cutting edge applications of modern technology, that can greatly accelerate the speed in which you see powerful results.


Emotional Brilliance & Genius Genesis

The first elaboration of Visionary Heart Alchemy beyond the core cultivation of the Visionary Heart  is the Emotional Brilliance and Genius Genesis training.


Emotional Brilliance  Emotional Brilliance™  is art and science of being empowered by all of you emotions. The activation of the Visionary Heart will, of itself, increase your emotional intelligence. With the methods of Emotional Brilliance we utilize the activated power of Visionary Heart to work skillfully with the emotional dimension of  our life, both in each moment as they arise and with the emotional content that has been stored in the structures of consciousness. This application of Emotional Brilliance will in turn further cultivate the potency of the Visionary Heart


Genius Genesis  - Genius Genesis™  is the art and science of intentionally activating and cultivating the innate capacity for genius. “Genius” here is inclusive of but, by no means limited to what IQ test attempt to measure. Genius Genesis is based on the understanding that there are many kinds of intelligence and thus genius and everyone has far more capacity for genius in each kind of intelligence then they are currently accessing. As the Visionary Heart unfolds in potency it will empower most, if not all form of intelligence. However with specific intention and attention it is possible to utilize the Power of the Visionary Heart to cultivate specific kinds of innate genius more quickly then by simple “side effect”. 

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