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The spiritual dimension of our life may well be the most important aspect of you existence. It is only in it that lasting satisfaction can be found. Yet many of us feel confused about it and feel unsatisfied by your relationship with this part of our lives. For some, they feel positive about the religion they where raised in, or that they have chosen, but also feel something is missing. Others have found reason to doubt much of the religious dogma they where raised with, yet still long for someway to nurture that aspect of life that religion is supposed to address but don’t know how. Still others were not raised with any kind of religious or spiritual orientation and feel they may be missing out on something important.


In short many are searching for a deeper experience of the spiritual aspect of life, yet not sure how to find it. Some have tried the avenues that have been the norm for out culture – Ministers, priests, rabbis,  or imam and found them able to give them some of  what they were looking foe, but not everything. Others have distrust for these.


If you are among those who are looking for a deeper spiritual experience of life, no matter what the reason and what you have already tried, I can help you find away of authentically engaging with spirituality more deeply and with total congruence with who you are and what you believe right now



I can help you deepen your spiritual engagement if

  • You are committed to any of the traditional religious paths as they are presented, without any compromise to your beliefs or traditions whether it be Christian, Jewish, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Baha’i, Native American, Wiccan, Pagan, “New Age” or anything else.
  • You are looking for a formal, traditional path but not sure what would suit you.
  • You feel connected to a religious tradition but not necessarily to the whole of their given doctrine
  • You consider your Spiritual but not religious
  • You are an “Atheist” or Agnostic who, while either rejecting or uncertain regarding theistic notions, suspect that there is still some value to certain practices, such as meditation (which science has confirmed innumerable measurable benefits) , that have been traditionally associated with “spirituality”
  • You have an omnivorous appetite for all things spiritual but don’t know where to begin or are looking to create a more cohesive experience and understanding.



So whether you have no religious affiliation, or are deeply committed to a particular one, I can help you get more spiritual juice flowing into your life as an integral part of it.


I began my formal investigations into religion and spirituality, over 32 years ago, when, at the age of 9 I began spending long hours at the library in the religion and metaphysical sections.  My passion for this exploration only grew more intense over the years and has included both intellectual study and deep immersion in spiritual practice.


Of course, I am not an expert in the specific doctrinal tenants of all religious traditions (even the all the major ones) , however,  despite distinction in those tenants from tradition to tradition,  the methods that actually lead to spiritual experience, rather than simply intellectual knowledge, have a great deal of commonality.


Based on an understanding of this commonality combined with insights from modern research into consciousness, I can provide training tailored to your specific spiritual or religious orientation that will lead to ever deepening living experience of spirituality.





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