Investments in Alchemical Gold



In this time of troubled financial times, when real estate prices have bottomed out and Wall Street and Banking Institutions have broken faith, people are looking for investments they can trust  and that will yield ongoing dividends without faltering.


The services that  G.A.T.E. provides are just such an investment. The time and money you invest with any of the G.A.T.E offerings will create a store house of treasures no thief can steal and no economy can erode. Investments made here will lead ongoing satisfaction regardless of the ups and downs of  the economy as well as increase your power to skillfully respond to them.


Training and Coaching

I currently offer one-on-one coaching in  Visionary Heart Alchemy, Alchemical Hero Training, Spiritual Coaching and Hi-Tech Meditation Coaching. This can be done face to face, over the phone or via Skype.  The investment for this kind of coaching will depend on how much coaching you need and what resources of you wish to avail yourself 


Initial One Hour Consultation

The first 1 hour consultation in which we will plan out your coaching is only $31. Even if you decide not to invest in an ongoing coaching arrangement, this one hour session will provide you with incredible value. Not least of which is the download of a unique and powerful audio program called Relax Now which I currently sell online for $17 though it is worth much more than that. You will leave the consultation with multiple insights and options about how to advance you personal transformation, including specific resources.


Basic Coaching package for Visionary Heart Alchemy, Alchemical Hero Training and Spiritual Coaching

The basic ongoing coaching package includes Three One-hour coaching sessions a month,  Three -10 minute  check-ins , email support, & written and audio training materials created by me. The investment for this  basic coaching package is $310 per month or $1310 for 6 months.


Hi-Tech Meditation / Consciousness Training


Personal Coaching

These are face-to face lasting 45-60 minutes and can be invested in on occasion for a training boost or as regularly scheduled training. The investment for individual sessions is $93. If you schedule 10 in advance then they are $66 a session


Computer Guided Training

In addition to personal coaching sessions, you can, after a couple of sessions, schedule computer guided training sessions for  $37 per session. Or $17 dollars of Heart Coherence Training only.  ($31/11 each if 10 are purchased in advance.)


Third Party Support Items

During the initial consultation and periodically during our coaching relationship I may recommend various 3rd Party items, such as books, audio and training tools. These items are not covered in the basic investments, but none of them will be required to move forward with highly effective coaching relationship, They are presented merely as options that may facilitate even more rapid results.



A.T.I.A Sessions

(Alchemical Transformation, Integration & Activation)

These are face to face sessions that can be invested in individually or as part of a Coaching package. The individual investment is $111 per session


Both Hi-Tech Meditation Training and A.T.I.A. sessions integrate very powerfully with any of the other forms of training and special deals will be made for those who wish to avail themselves of the full range of support.





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