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Hi-Tech Consciousness/Meditation Training Support -Over the last halfcentury more and more information has become available about physical and measurable correlates to various states of consciousness and thus meditation experience. While these measurable correlates donít encompass the whole of what meditation is, it has been found that having real time feedback about what they can measure can greatly reduce the time it takes to learn to enter many of these meditative states. I use two types of feedback, Heart Rate Variability and Brainwave feedback to support people in getting more out of meditation more quickly. This can be used to support Visionary Heart Cultivation or any form of meditation or contemplative spiritual practice


Heart -The vast majority of modern research into consciousness, especially the physical correlates to consciousness, has focused on the brain in the head. The Heart on the other hand has been relegated to the role of a muscular pump that circulates the blood. However there is a growing body of research that indicates what mystics and poets have indicated for millennia; the heart play a vital role in consciousness, not just metaphorically but physically. The Heart has a brain consisting of about 40,000 neurons. This heart brain is connected to the directly to both the limbic system in the head brain (which is the part of the brain dealing with, among other things, emotions) as well as frontal lobes of the brain (which are the more recently evolved brain structures that relate to higher reasoning, abstraction, self-awareness, and ethics)This connection is two directional with each brain sending instruction and information to each other. However the nerve that sends signal from the heart to the head is typically more active than the one that sends signals to the heartfrom the head.Also the heart produces and has receptor sights for same chemical messaging system the head brain uses.Finally the heart produces, by far,the strongest electromagnetic field in the body. It is magnitudes stronger then that produce by the brain and this electromagnetic field influences all the other organs of the body including the head brain.


The role of the Heart in Consciousness is especially critical in regards to states of consciousness associated with Meditation and spiritual practice. All of the great contemplative traditions within the major world religions place great emphasis on the heart. The new science of the physical heart as found evidence that confirms this.


The Institute of HeartMath, has done a great deal of research into the hearts role in consciousness and they have found that an easily measured aspect ofheart function known as Heart Rate Variability(HRV) provides a useful indicator as to how well the heart is contributing to our consciousness. Without going into details, the HRV is a useful indicator of what is called Heart Coherence. Higher levels of heart coherence support much more profound Meditation and spiritual practice.


I have very user-friendly equipment developed by the Institute of HeartMath that gives you real time feedback about your HRV and Heart Coherence. I believe this feedback, which is far easier to get, and understand then brainwave feedback, is of much greater value for the cultivation of meditative excellence and for integrating the value of meditation into your life, than the more commonly attended to, Brainwave feedback.


Brainwave feedback Ė While, as I just said, I believe Heart Rate Variability training to be the more important of the two kinds of feedback training that I offer, Brainwave feedback offers a powerful support to gaining proficiency at meditation many times more quickly than learning to Meditate without any feedback support. In fact, Brainwave Feedback training will likely give you what may subjectively think of as a more profound meditation more quickly than HRV training will. However lessons from the Great Wisdom Traditions tell us that these profound experiences alone will not change us without the heart already being open. Without the Compassionate Heart these profound seeming experience become mere memories. However when these profound meditative experiences are begin cultivate along side the cultivation of the heart, the heart grounds them into meaning for our lives and they in turn empower the heart even further.


Thus when I speak of the greater importance HRV I donít mean to diminish the power that Brainwave Feedback has to support your Meditation of Spiritual Practice. Brainwave feedback can help you get results, in months, that might otherwise take years without the feedback. This is all the more true when Brainwave Feedback is combined with HRV feedback


Brainwave Entrainment Ė In addition to using feedback to self-elicit brainwave patterns that correlate to meditative states , I have a variety audio technologies that will, to a certain extent elicit particular brainwave patterns just by listening to them. By themselves, their value is, compared to Brainwave feedback or traditional Meditation, limited, however when used to support other more intentional training they can be of great benefit. This benefit is maximized when the entrainment is calibrated to the unique brainwave code of the individual. For example, when someone is in a state relaxed alertness, specific areas of the brain will begin to produce more of class of brainwave called Alpha waves. This typically includes wave of a frequency anywhere between 8 and 12 hertz.However one particular frequency in that range will be the dominant one. What that frequency is will vary from person to person. If you use entrainment technology to entrain that specific frequency it will have a stronger effect then any other frequency. This will be true for other kinds of consciousness training as well. The only way to quickly and reliably determine these key frequencies is through EEG equipment such as what is used for Brainwave Feedback. Using my EEG equipment I can determine what specific frequencies will help with each stage or kind of Consciousness Training/Meditation and I can custom create Entrainment Audios to support that training.


Traditional Meditation -Both HRV and Brainwave feedback (and to a lesser extent BW entrainment offer many of the benefits of Traditional Meditation methods and as such can make those benefits available to those who donít wish to have any association with traditional spiritual practice. However, no kind of feedback training will bring all the benefits that comprehensive training in traditional meditation practice will provide. (Even less so for Brainwave Entrainment, despite what advertisements may claim.) Technology feedback training will, on the other hand, accelerate gaining of some of the component meditation skills of traditional methods. This will accelerate gaining the benefits that feedback training can give you even without traditional meditation, and by accelerating the acquisition of some of the component skills of meditation, will when used in conjunction with traditional meditation training will make the benefits only gained through traditional meditation available more quickly as well.




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