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I have created G.A.T.E  to provide a variety of services to help you become the change you want to see in the world and express that change into the world through heart-centered visionary engagement. 


Each of these services provides a G.A.T.E.- way into a new and ever more joyful way of engaging with life, a G.A.T.E.- way tailored to open right where you are now with all your current life circumstances


Visionary Heart Alchemy Training – Visionary Heart Alchemy is a complete system of personal alchemy (an idea inclusive of, but much bigger than, personal growth). The core of this training is the activation and cultivation of the Visionary Heart. This is what the classic western alchemy texts refer to as the Philosopher’s Stone that transforms lead it to gold.  The Philosopher’s Stone is not an external object but rather a structure of consciousness already within you but largely dormant. As this structure becomes activated and its potency cultivated it stabilizes expanded states of consciousness and attention, and begins transforming the leaden structures of you consciousness, energetic-subtle body and your gross physical body to structures of Alchemical Gold, as well as activating new structures. This is experienced as ever increasing feelings of joy, peace, love, and well-being as well as the emerging and increasing of all kinds of qualities and capacities such as cognitive capacity, emotional intelligence, intuition, flow, charisma, and compassionate responsiveness.   More info…


Alchemical Hero Training – This is training for those who are already, or would like to be actively and passionately engaged in transforming our global civilization into one based on the embodied realization of our interconnectedness with each other, all life and the environment. This is an expansion of the VHA training into full Global Alchemy. Global Alchemy is the art and science of becoming the change you want to see in the world and expressing that change through heart-center visionary engagement. Visionary Heart Alchemy covers “becoming the change  while Alchemical Hero Training deals with “heart-centered visionary engagement.  As Visionary Heart Alchemy is the foundation of Alchemical Hero Training they are initially, for the most part identical, however for those who are interested in the broader Alchemical Hero Training, that intention will shape the how the Visionary Heart Alchemy is tailored to them. More info…


More on the Metaphor of Alchemy


Hi-Tech Consciousness/Meditation Training -  Over the last half  century more and more information has become available about physical and measurable correlates to various states of consciousness and thus meditation experience. While these measurable correlates don’t encompass the whole of what meditation is, it has been found that having real time feedback about what they can measure can greatly reduce the time it takes to learn to enter many of these meditative states. I use two types of feedback, Heart Rate Variability and Brainwave feedback to support people in getting more out of meditation more quickly. This ca be used to support Visionary Heart Cultivation or any form of meditation practice.  More info…


Spiritual Coaching   The Spiritual Dimension of  life is of central importance to living a life that both meaningful and satisfying. Whether you are committed to any specific spiritual path-traditional or otherwise, spiritual but not religious,  or just now feeling that spirituality may hold something that has been missing for your life, I can help you deepen your experience of spirituality and integrate it more fully into your life. I can do this in a way that completely honors who you are now and what beliefs you hold.  More info…


Alchemical Transformation Integration and Activation (A.T.I.A) Sessions -  In an ATIA session, typically lasting 60-90 minutes, we will enter into a transformational dance to the sweet music of  divine inspiration during which I will draw upon a vast skill set of Alchemical Processes that will address the very structures that create your life and how you experience it. This pallet of skillful means included processes that work with the physical body, the subtle-energetic systems and consciousness itself.  Because of the wide range of skillful means I bring to each session and because the music of divine inspiration unfold as original composition each time, every session is unique.  More info…







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