The Global Alchemy Template

The Global Alchemy Template is the application of the Global Alchemy approach to approach any given life arena/system in order to discover insights and methods to:

  • Engage with that arena as alchemical practice for inner/spiritual transformation
    • Global Alchemy makes life engagement itself, spiritual practice
  • Interact with others through that arena in ways that support their own inner/spiritual transformation and outer well being – how to engage the arena for the maximum benefit of all.
  • Understand and engage the inner/esoteric dimensions in ones interaction with the arena/system.
  • How to transform the arena/system so that it:
    • support the empowerment and transformation of everyone who interacts with it,
    • becomes integrally connected (or more accurately recognizes and utilizes its integral connection) with all other life arenas/systems
    • is supportive of a global sustainable human civilization that is rooted in the embodied compassion that arise form recognition of our inherent interdependence.

It is important to note that the first three are individual empowered strategies. That is to say a person can successfully engage these approaches even if no one else around is willing to play the Alchemical game. The final one is a relational strategy and requires cooperation with others. The First one relates primarily to Personal Alchemy though the transformation of the arena/system itself to support this is Systems Alchemy. The second and Third ones bridge Personal Alchemy and Systems Alchemy. Teh Fourth one is related primarily to Systems Alchemy.

In a sense the template is simply the questions one hold in relation to a life arena of system. If one is a Lawyer for example one would ask “how can I make the practice of law a spiritual practice? How can I work in the legal arena so that I can be the greatest benefit and support everyone I meet in healing and transformation. How can the whole field of law be transformed so that it more effectively functions for the benefit of all.

The first two reflect what is called, in Visionary Heart Alchemy, Core Intention of the Visionary Heart. Core intention of the Visionary heart is two-fold, create the greatest benefit for all beings and to realize our highest potential to that end. This is “why” or motivation for the engagement with the arena/system and is single most important distinction of global alchemy approach. If the motivation for engagement in any arena is is anything other then this two-fold intention then the approach can’t be considered truly alchemical.

The capacity to apply the template is directly correlated to the depth of ones own inner alchemical practice, ones own development as an “Alchemist” – this is why one of the first priorities of Project Global Alchemy is to train people in Personal Alchemy and to create ways to accelerate that training.