Project Global Alchemy Blog Matrix

Because Project Global Alchemy encompasses a larger number of distinct though integrally related areas, for organizational and search engine optimization sake, a number of blogs will be hosted on this website to cover major aspects of the overall

In these blogs I will begin to convey various aspects of the overall vision as well as report on specific experiments and explorations. Because of the Integral nature of this vision many of the posts will appear in several of the individual blogs. The full post will appear in the blog of greatest specificity and relevance while summaries with links will appear in other relevant blogs.

The Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment Blog will summerize all other Matrix blog entries as well as display entries not covered by any other blogs. If you are interested in the whole experiment this is the only blog you need to check (or subscribe to the rss feed).

The one exception is the “Dharma Bums internet Experiment Blog – If you want to follow that aspect of the experiment you will have to follow that blog (or sign up for rss feed) itself.

Personal Alchemy Blog – This Blog will cover anything to do with personal transformation. Personal transformation is the basic unit of Global Alchemy. A Global Alchemists ability to create external transformation proceeds from his inner/ personal transformation. Also sustainable transformation of any System requires the transformation of at least some of the individuals that create and sustain the system

There are several blogs in the Matrix that cover major aspects Personal Alchemy that may be of specific interest. These will be summarized in the Personal Alchemy Blog

Visionary Heart Alchemy blog – Visionary Heart Alchemy is a specific approach to personal (and global) alchemy that is part of this specific visionary expression. The Personal Alchemy blog covers all approaches to personal transformation, empowerment and healing. This Visionary Heart Alchemy blog is to convey this specific system of personal (and global) alchemy, transformation, empowerment and healing.

The Emotional Brilliance Blog – Emotional Brilliance is the capacity to use emotions to support transformation. Emotional Brilliance is specifically an aspect of Visionary Heart Alchemy training but this blog will also report on anything to do with working with emotions and cultivating emotional intelligence.

Genius Genesis Blog - Genius Genesis is an aspect of Visionary Heart alchemy concerned with unleashing the innate genius potential that each person has. This blog will cover topics such as accelerated learning (both knowledge and skills), increasing multiple intelligences, and creativity,

Alchemical Health and Fitness Blog – This will cover, from a unique alchemical perspective, topics concerned with health and fitness, such as nutrition, supplements, exercise, aerobics, strength training, flexibility training, vitality, organ health, and subtle energy cultivation (Chi kung, Accupunture, etc)

Transformational Technology Blog – This will cover the use of modern technology to support transformation. This will include Biofeedback, entrainment technology (light and sound machines, Mind Machines, Binaural Beats, CES), float tanks, integrated motion devices, sensory isolation devices and subtle energy devices.

Alchemical Wealth Building – This blog explores the cultivation of external wealth (particularly financial) from the alchemical perspective. While the emphasis is on ones personal engagement with the wealth building process, wealth building necessitates interaction with arena covered in systems alchemy. So Alchemical Wealth Building marks the transition from primarily Personal Alchemy to greater inclusion of Systems Alchemy. In particular the Alchemical Business, Entrepreneurship and Marketing will play a key role and will be covered in this blog

Systems Alchemy – This bog will cover explorations and developments in the transformation of the various systems that organize human interaction with each other and the environment. Eventually many key arenas will get their own blogs, however Personal Alchemy is foundational to the whole of Global Alchemy, is receiving greater attention at this initial stage of Project Global Alchemy’s development, so one blog should be sufficient to cover systems alchemy at this time.

The Alchemical Business and Entrepreneurship Blog explore the application of the Global Alchemy Template to the arena Business and Entrepreneurship. Since this arena is one of the systems that shape our interactions with each other and the environment it is an exploration of Systems Alchemy; the first to get its own blog. While Alchemical Business represents a unique view it aligned with such ideas as Conscious Business, Conscious Capitalism, Compassionate Business, Compassionate Capitalism, Conscious Business, Spiritual Business, Spiritual Capitalism, Heart Centered Business, and Integral Business

A Dharma Bums Exploration in Internet Marketing Blog – This blog covers what is my first area of focus for exploring the external aspects of financial wealth building. While I will be exploring this topic from the Alchemical Perspective, I am, for strategic reasons focusing this blog on the aspect that the general population labels Internet Marketing which may or may not be of interest to those people who are interested in Global, Personal and Systemic Alchemy in general. The more specifically Alchemical aspects will be reported in one or more of the other blogs. Post that are only related to specifc outer world internet strategies will, for the most part, only appear in this blog, because of the very specific nature and interest. I will in the Alchemical Wealth Building blog talk about various kinds of outer financial(and other kinds of) wealth building strategies. Internet Marketing will be discussed in that context, however such discussion will be of a more general nature. There for if you wish to follow this discussion you will have to go to this blog (and/or subscribe to the rss feed) specifically while you can remain abreast of all the other blogs by going to (or subscribing to the feed of) the Project Global Alchemy Boot Strap Experiment Root Blog

There are many arenas of Personal and Systems Alchemy of sufficient scope to merit their own blogs that are not yet given expression here. At this preliminary stage of development I have focused on the most foundational aspect of the Global Alchemy vision in order to most leverage my time. Additional Blogs will be added when enough of the foundations have been laid to allow me to divert some of my attention to them and/or when the participation of others allows for more diversity of attention.