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The first major wave of technological development massively increased our physical power, range and capacity. We learned to leverage our physical strength to be more powerful in battle, travel farther faster, move heavier things, grow more food travel over bodies of water and host of other extension of physical prowess. While this wave continued to expand our physical power, the second wave of development increased our conceptual power. At first this wave expanded more slowly, first with writing, then many centuries later, printing. But in the middle of the last century technology to leverage our conceptual power began to evolve at exponential rates and has now surpassed our physical leveraging power even though it aids us in evolving physical leveraging technology even faster. There is third wave of technological evolution that is has been steadily growing and is on the verge of exponential growth: technology to accelerate our spiritual evolution and personal transformation. The first two wave increased our ability to effect our outer world; this third wave increases our ability to inner world. Einstein observed our technological growth had surpassed our moral/spiritual growth. This third wave that is rapidly gaining momentum will help address that imbalance.

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