Alchemical Wealth

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Until very recently Gold was on of the primary standards of wealth, and though money is no longer backed by it, it still caries the connotation of wealth. Since the creation of gold is one of the central metaphors of Alchemy it is reasonable to talk about alchemy as creating wealth. The question is what kind of wealth are we talking about here? While I have already said that the core goal of alchemy is …(read more)

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The Principle of the Core Intention

This is posted on the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

In the success and empowerment literature, there is much talk about finding your life purpose or mission and varying methods for articulating what this is for you. However, in my view, the methods they give skip over a crucial step - Articulating and committing to the Core Intention. Articulating the Core Intention is relatively easy because it is actually, in essences, the same for everyone. The Core Intention is an expression of the Absolute Truth of who you are and is thus unchanging, universal and has nothing to do with any of the relative conditions of your existence. It is an active expression of the Visionary Heart and is composed of two elements: the intent to achieve the highest potential of a human being and the intention to be of maximum benefit to all life. These two elements which are reflections from the Principle of Two Truths and are inseparable. One can only be of maximum benefit to all life by actualizing ones fullest potential and one cannot actualize ones fullest potential without the intention to be of maximum benefit. A life built around this understanding will be fulfilling, meaningful and powerful. It doesn’t matter if you do this intentionally because you are aware of the principle or intuitively/spontaneously, the result is the same. Failure to build your life around this understanding, either intentionally or spontaneously, is the root of all dissatisfaction. The more completely you apply this principle …(read more)

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The Goal of Visionary Heart Alchemy

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The goal of Visionary Heart Alchemy is the goal of all spiritual alchemy. The central goal of alchemy is the transformation of lead (or some other ‘lesser’ metal) into gold. It is widely known in spiritually literate circles that this is a metaphor (which, by the way, appears in both western and eastern historical traditions of alchemy). But why the need for the metaphor, why not just say it plainly. There are several reasons for this. First and foremost is that their really is no way to plainly say …(read more)

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Alchemical Principles in General part 2

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Because many alchemical principles are pointing to Absolute Truth and/or extremely vast relative truths, they can not be readily defined nor can they be understood simply through reading descriptions. No amount of description can convey their vastness or their subtlety. Descriptions point to meaning beyond words like, as a traditional axiom states “a finger pointing to the moon. If you fixate on the finger you will not see the moon in all its glory.”

To gain insight into the functionality of many of the Alchemical Principles you must allow the understanding to arise, by letting the descriptions educe the deeper meaning from within yourself. (read more)

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