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Systems Alchemy is the aspect of Global Alchemy that is concerned with the systems and structure that shape human interaction with each other and the environment both individually and collectively as communities, businesses, nations and the whole of human civilization on Gaia. This includes but is not limited to business, education, community, social outreach, jurisprudence/law, government, industry, technology, utilities, science, religion, entertainment, parenting, medicine/health care, activism, agriculture, “The Arts”, construction, design, architecture, think tanks, economics, and social culture.

On the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog I said one of the main ‘objects’ that it is the goal of alchemy to transform is consciousness. This is true of Systems Alchemy as well as Personal Alchemy. This on some level refers to consciousness of the humans that make up or participate in the system and I will come back to that in a moment. However systems have the equivalent of consciousness…(read more)


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Vajrayana Buddhism and the Two Truths: An Illustrative Example: part 4

This is posted on the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

In Tibet (and neighboring kingdoms), There are four major lineages (Five if you count Bon but that will be the topic two posts from now) of Buddhism and many sub-lineages therein. While they all share a great deal in terms of methods and terminology, they are also quite distinct from each other. In some instances the same term will have different or even opposite meanings. For example the term ‘ordinary mind’ is often used, in the Dzogchen Teachings of the Nyingma to designate the deluded mind of sentient beings as opposed to the True Nature of Mind. In the Mahamudra teachings of the Kagyu, which are in many ways very similar to Dzogchen, ‘ordinary mind’ refers to the mind without elaboration which is The True Nature of Mind.

Despite what can sometimes be seen as very different approaches, with sometimes conflicting postulates, the teachers of these different schools (for the most part) recognize…(read more)


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The Global Alchemy Template

The Global Alchemy Template is the application of the Global Alchemy approach to approach any given life arena/system in order to discover insights and methods to:

  • Engage with that arena as alchemical practice for inner/spiritual transformation
    • Global Alchemy makes life engagement itself, spiritual practice
  • Interact with others through that arena in ways that support their own inner/spiritual transformation and outer well being - how to engage the arena for the maximum benefit of all.
  • Understand and engage the inner/esoteric dimensions in ones interaction with the arena/system.
  • How to transform the arena/system so that it:
    • Supports the empowerment and transformation of everyone who interacts with it,
    • Becomes integrally connected (or more accurately recognizes and utilizes its integral connection) with all other life arenas/systems
    • Is supportive of a global sustainable human civilization that is rooted in the embodied compassion that arise form recognition of our inherent interdependence.

It is important to note that the first three are individual empowered strategies. That is to say a person can successfully engage these approaches even if no one else around is willing to play the Alchemical game. The final one is a relational strategy and requires cooperation with others. The First one relates primarily to Personal Alchemy though the transformation of the arena/system itself to support this is Systems Alchemy. The second and Third ones bridge Personal Alchemy and Systems Alchemy. The Fourth one is related primarily to Systems Alchemy.

In a sense the template is simply the questions one hold in relation to a life arena of system. If one is a Lawyer for example one would ask “how can I make the practice of law a spiritual practice? How can I work in the legal arena so that I can be the greatest benefit and support everyone I meet in healing and transformation. How can the whole field of law be transformed so that it more effectively functions for the benefit of all.

The first two reflect what is called, in Visionary Heart Alchemy, Core Intention of the Visionary Heart. Core intention of the Visionary heart is two-fold, create the greatest benefit for all beings and to realize our highest potential to that end. This is the “why” or motivation for the engagement with the arena/system and is single most important distinction of the Global Alchemy approach. If the motivation for engagement in any arena is anything other then this two-fold intention then the approach can’t be considered truly alchemical.

The capacity to apply the template is directly correlated to the depth of ones own inner alchemical practice, ones own development as an “Alchemist” - this is why one of the first priorities of Project Global Alchemy is to train people in Personal Alchemy and to create ways to accelerate that training.

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Key Aspects of the Global Alchemy Aproach

  • All Transformation is understood to be ultimately self transformation.
    • “As within, so without” -Famous Hermetic/Alchemical axiom.
    • “We must become the change we want to see in the world” - Gandhi.
  • The Global Alchemy methodology includes both how to become the change you want to see and how to express the change in to collective perception for the benefit of all
  • It is spiritually centered
  • It takes things as they are and transforms them into higher value
    • Phenomena and existence is spiritualized rather then negated or escaped
    • All aspect of one life can be harnessed for Alchemical transformation
    • Alchemy can transform every aspect of ones life
    • Every aspect of ones life, spiritual and material, is woven into a single tapestry of healing, transformation and liberation
    • The body is seen as the vehicles for spiritual transformation and not an obstacle to it.
  • It proceeds from the realization The greatest value is spiritual - the treasures that no thieves can steal nor moths eat away
  • Each arena of life engagement is viewed simultaneously with an eye towards how to
    • 1. Engage with the arena/system for self transformation,
    • 2. How to engage with the arena/system to be of maximum benefit to others, and
    • 3. how to engage the arena/system itself, so that it can be transformed to be more supportive of individual transformation and Global sustainability.
  • Heart-Centered - In Global Alchemy, “Heart-centered” is more then just metaphor but rather recognition of the key role the heart - physiologically, energetically and spiritually - plays in consciousness and human interaction.
  • It is integral, integrative, systemic and embracive- it includes all aspect of life: self and other, interior and exterior
  • A recognition and utilization of the esoteric dimensions of life engagement. This is really a subset of “It is Integral”. However, as this dimension is not well covered in many of the popular integral and systemic models (including Ken Wilber’s AQAL/”Theory of Everything”) and is of potentially critical importance, it merits separate mention as one of the unique distinctions of the Alchemical Approach.
  • It is both art and science and thus views each moment of life as both an art project and an experiment
  • It is experimental and experiential. - Global Alchemy is an engaged process that considers effective functioning as the measure of value of relative truth. Ie “Does it work and in what context?”
  • it uses one dimension to transform another reflexively - it uses mundane life to create spiritual transformation and spirituality to transform mundane life
  • It blends first and second attention strategies and inner and outer strategies

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The Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment

At the time of this writing I am without income, savings, or credit and deeply in debt. Yet I possess a very encompassing vision to support the realization of a sustainable heart centered global civilization that is based on a paradigm that has the truth of our interdependence as one of its core assertions.

The central theme of this vision is what I call Global Alchemy. Global Alchemy is both what the vision is and how the vision is being brought forth.

The Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment is my application of the vision to manifest the vision, hence “Bootstrap”. I will apply the methods of Global Alchemy to take me from where I am with all my unique sets of challenges and assets to the manifestation and continued sustenance and growth of a massive lattice of many interrelated projects of Global Alchemy.

The Immediate areas of focus of the GA Bootstrap Experiment: I will use the process of Global Alchemy to:

  • Heal my own inner resistance to manifesting this vision
  • To gather/create my core team of Global Alchemists
  • To articulate and make available to the world the various components of the vision
    • Initially greater emphasis will be placed on the Personal Alchemy aspect as it is the foundation of Systems Alchemy
  • Create cash flow to financial support myself and the various projects in ways that are in complete congruence with the vision

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Project Global Alchemy

Project Global Alchemy is the umbrella term for an ever expanding group of integrally related experiments, projects, businesses, structures (institutes, associations, teams, corporations, non-profits, etc.) that are expressions and implementations of the Vision of Global Alchemy.

One of the key aspects of this Vision is empowering people to become effective Global Alchemist who participate in various Projects of Global Alchemy initiated by themselves and/or those initiated by other people. The Vision is to provide all the tools and resources necessary to take anyone from wherever they are in their lives to engaging life as an empowered Global Alchemist effectively participating in whatever Projects of Global Alchemy their inner guidance leads them to . This includes having  all the tools and skill necessary to  initiate and sustain  Global Alchemy projects.

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What is Global Alchemy?

Two useful definitions of Global Alchemy:

Global Alchemy is the art and science of becoming the change you want to see in the world and expressing that into the world through heart centered visionary engagement with it.

Global Alchemy is the art and science of transforming the way humans exist upon this planet. This includes the humans themselves, their relationships and interactions with each other and their relationship to and interaction with all life and the environment.

Both of these definitions show Global Alchemy to be concerned with two interdependent arenas – Personal Alchemy and Systems Alchemy.

Personal Alchemy is concerned with the transformation of the humans themselves and is the basic unit for transformation. It only takes one person in a system to initiate transformation of a system but unless the process of transformation transforms the people who manage and perpetuate the system, it can not be sustained. In the words of Gandhi “We must become the change we want to see in the world”

Systems Alchemy is concerned with the transformation of the systems and structures that shape our relationships to and interactions with each other and the environment. This includes (in no particular order) governments, politics, commerce, business, education, media, judicial process, agriculture, industry, wealth distribution, technology, family, community, culture, entertainment, housing, construction, science, economics, and international relations.

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The Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment Begins!

The Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment officially launches today. I chose this day because it is celebrated by the tradition of Vajrayana Buddhism as the day of Shakyamuni Buddha’s (Siddhartha - the historical Buddha) Enlightenment. It is also the full moon during the Astrological month of Gemini which is ruled by Mercury. It also happens to be Wednesday which is also according to Alchemical, Astrological and Hermetic traditions rule by Mercury. Tahuti (more commonly known by his greek name Thoth), the Egyptian God of Magick, Speech, Wisdom, Knowledge, Healing, Writing Technology and Culture is the Mythic Source of Alchemy in its more western expressions. While his attributes are distinctly mercurial, in fact the Greeks associated him with their own Hermes known to the romans a Mercury, he is also A lunar God in his original Egyptian expression. Thus times with both strong Lunar association ( such as the full moon) and strong Mercurial associations (such as the Month of Gemini and Wednesday) resonate with his nature. I am also writing this launch declaration during the hour of the moon according to Hermetic/Alchemical Tradition. Thus it is on a day of great auspiciousness for both eastern Alchemical tradition (of which is Vajrayana Buddhism is one of the highest expressions) and Western Alchemical Tradition that I declare the official launch of the Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment. (According the daily astological forcast is get we also are aligned with the Galactic Heart today but while it sounds cool, I don’t know how it is determined or what it really means. I, nonetheless, joyfully welcome any auspiciousness it might contribute.)