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Systems Alchemy is the aspect of Global Alchemy that is concerned with the systems and structure that shape human interaction with each other and the environment both individually and collectively as communities, businesses, nations and the whole of human civilization on Gaia. This includes but is not limited to business, education, community, social outreach, jurisprudence/law, government, industry, technology, utilities, science, religion, entertainment, parenting, medicine/health care, activism, agriculture, “The Arts”, construction, design, architecture, think tanks, economics, and social culture.

On the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog I said one of the main ‘objects’ that it is the goal of alchemy to transform is consciousness. This is true of Systems Alchemy as well as Personal Alchemy. This on some level refers to consciousness of the humans that make up or participate in the system and I will come back to that in a moment. However systems have the equivalent of consciousness…(read more)


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The Continuum of Truth – a Paradox of the Two Truths

Posted on Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

Part of the paradox of the Two Truths is that the presence of Absolute Truth does create an absolute reference point for relative truths even though Absolute Truth is itself without any reference points. The absolute absolutists are partly correct that all reference point of relative truth become false in the context of referenceless Absolute Truth. However the dynamic of the Two Truths is reflected into the domain of relative truth and this creates… (read more)

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