Creating a Core Intention Commitment Statement

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The Core Intention Commitment Statement is a declaration that a you repeats on a daily basis in support the alignment of your life to the Core Intention. While the specific words one uses to express the core intention are not critical there are some guidelines that need to followed…(read more)

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Alchemical Principles in General part 2

This is posted on the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

Because many alchemical principles are pointing to Absolute Truth and/or extremely vast relative truths, they can not be readily defined nor can they be understood simply through reading descriptions. No amount of description can convey their vastness or their subtlety. Descriptions point to meaning beyond words like, as a traditional axiom states “a finger pointing to the moon. If you fixate on the finger you will not see the moon in all its glory.”

To gain insight into the functionality of many of the Alchemical Principles you must allow the understanding to arise, by letting the descriptions educe the deeper meaning from within yourself. (read more)

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