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The Phrase “Alchemical Wealth Building” can be parsed in two ways-‘Alchemical Wealth’ building as in the building of “Alchemical Wealth” and Alchemical ‘Wealth Building’ approaching building wealth in an Alchemical fashion. At first glance these might seem like different things however it is not possible to be an alchemical ‘wealth builder’ without first and foremost being an ‘Alchemical Wealth’ builder.

Alchemical Wealth is the treasures no thief can steal and no moths can eat. It is what you get from authentic inner alchemy- inner transformation. Wisdom, compassion, unconditional happiness, unconditional bliss, true freedom- these are examples of Alchemical Wealth.

One cannot even begin to build external wealth in an alchemical fashion until one at least intellectually understands that no kind of external wealth (be it money and that which it buys, relationships, achievements, “power”, recognition or even health) can actually be a source of true happiness. To the degree that ones aim at building wealth is based on the mistaken belief…(read more)

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Alchemical Wealth

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Until very recently Gold was on of the primary standards of wealth, and though money is no longer backed by it, it still caries the connotation of wealth. Since the creation of gold is one of the central metaphors of Alchemy it is reasonable to talk about alchemy as creating wealth. The question is what kind of wealth are we talking about here? While I have already said that the core goal of alchemy is …(read more)

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