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One of the central objectives Project Global Alchemy is to help people become effective Global Alchemist. Global Alchemist are people who are engaged becoming the change they want see in the world and engage with the world through heart centered visionary action as expressions of their ongoing inner transformation. To this end I have identified the entire range of developments, skills and knowledge that will maximize both aspects (becoming the change and heart centered visionary action) I am developing a comprehensive training I call Alchemical Hero Training. This training is so extensive that it can seem overwhelming, however, I believe the structure of it and the components it includes can allow for a rate of learning and development that far exceeds what we are used to expecting.

Visionary Heart AlchemyTM Fundamentals & the Activation of the Visionary Heart The core of this training is the activation of the Visionary Heart. This is the philosopher stone that can turn lead into gold. This core training alone can empower Quantum leaps in growth and effectiveness within the world. This alone will empower one to be a heart centered visionary. This training will be covered in the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

Emotional BrillianceTM - Next is what I call Emotional Brilliance training. The most pervasive root cause for obstacles in life endeavors, whether they be ordinary, extraordinary or sublime, is disempowerment around the emotions. The Emotional Brilliance training addresses this issue by providing skills that help us become empowered in our relationship to our emotions and use them to support our heart based visionary objectives. . This training will be covered in the Emotional Brilliance Blog

Genius GenesisTM - In the Genius Genesis Training the Global Alchemist learns to access more and more of their innate genius in more and more areas. This training teaches how learn any skill or knowledge set at much more rapidly then most people are used to. It also empowers the creative application of what is learned. Further more it includes methods of teaching in a more accelerated way. This important skill set will allow the global alchemist to rapidly acquire any skills and knowledge needed for any visionary action plan they may feel heart inspired to engage. It is this training along with the visionary heart activation that accelerates the overall training process. This further addresses another important issue. The Visionaries who conceives of projects often becomes bottle necks in the flow of the projects activity because they are expressions of his development, skills, and knowledge. The Genius Genesis protocols allow for visionaries to empower the people that work in concert with them with an understanding of the vision and with everything need to engage it. This creates fractal replicability. Fractal, because each person empowered also brings their own inner resources to the process. . This training will be covered in the in the Genius Genesis Blog

Visionary Heart TargetingTM - This training teaches Alchemical Hero’s how to set objectives that are based on the deeper wisdom of the Visionary Heart as opposed to objectives base on ego gratification. This training will be covered in the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

Dynamic Adamantine IntentionTM - This is the skill by which the Alchemical Hero proceeds with unbending resolve towards chosen objectives. The Dynamic aspect refers to the wisdom to know when an intention needs to be modified or abandoned based on new understanding or because life circumstance changes have diminished the relevance of the objective. Sometimes the visionary heart guides us to set intentions not because the actual objective is important but because the process of pursuing it will lead us to something else that is important. This training will be covered in the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

Reality Hacking AlchemiesTM - It is commonly understood in many spiritual circles that we create our own reality. Depending on your view, this could be understood literally as creating the actual events of you life, but it can now be said to be scientific fact that we at least create our experience of reality, which is tantamount to creating reality itself. The mechanisms that form our experience of reality include our beliefs, habitual styles of selective perception, meaning and emotion attribution criteria, values, rules, and cultural conditioning. These can be called programs. These programs dictate how we perceive and interpret the seemingly objective circumstances we label reality. They also, when left on automatic, determine our behaviors that tend to modify our circumstance so that they even more closely fit our programmed perceptions. For most, these programs were not consciously chosen and are often maladaptive. Reality Hacking has two aspects each oriented towards one to the Two Truths. One, which corresponds to the relative is taking conscious responsibility for these programs, removing or transforming disempowering ones and adding empowering ones. The other is the deconstruction of relative reality to reveal the Absolute Reality. The relative aspect of Reality Hacking is a meta tool set used in all the other aspect of Alchemical Hero Training to align our programming for maximum utilization of each tool set and to create supportive conditions for our alchemical intentions. . The other aspect of Reality Hacking is focused directly on the key points of knowing the True Nature of Reality and our own True Nature This training will be covered in the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog. I have already posted an expanded explanation of Reality Hacking Alchemies on that blog

Alchemical EsotericsTM - a sub branch of reality hacking that utilizes knowledge and skills related to subtle and often unacknowledged aspect of reality. Much of this category isn’t truly esoteric anymore as they are quickly gaining popularity, however it can’t yet be called common. This category includes such things as Magick, Shamanism and inner Yogas. While aspects of this category of training pervade the other trainings, much of this training is optional and most of the other trainings can be modeled in non esoteric language. However, I think the acceptance of the validity of Esoteric knowledge into the common paradigm an important. It is also an incredibly powerful and flexible resource for Global Alchemist. It may be the ace-in-the-hole that tips the balance in favor of Sustainable Global Alchemy over annihilation of human existence by the powerful ignorance that is resistant to the loss of dominion. This training will be covered in the Visionary Heart Alchemy Blog

Alchemical FitnessTM - a maximally fit body is of obvious advantage to a Global Alchemist. . However, ordinary fitness training methods are time consuming and are of little training benefit other then their primary target (ie jogging trains aerobic fitness and while aerobic fitness benefits other factors, ordinary jogging doesn’t train other factors). Fortunately there exist methods that can maximize all fitness factors with very moderate time investment. In addition these methods also train the dimensions of our being besides the physical. This training will be covered in the Alchemical Fitness Blog

Alchemical Leadership and Alchemical Communication - Almost all visionary projects require the cooperation of many people. An inability to elicit this cooperation is where many visionaries fail to bring their intentions to fruition. Eventually this will have its own blog but for now posts concerning this could appear in any of several blog within the Project Global Alchemy Blog Matrix

Alchemical Intimacy- an extension of Alchemical Communication but has a slightly narrower focus that that requires special attention. Our intimate relationships can have a profound influence on our personal transformation and upon any and all of our visionary projects. Eventually this will have its own blog but for now posts concerning this could appear in any of several blog within the Project Global Alchemy Blog Matrix

Alchemical Wealth BuildingTM - Alchemical Wealth building is actually an application of the entire rest of the Alchemical Hero training in the arena of Wealth Building. One of the major obstacles to many visionary projects is the challenge of getting the material and financial resources needed to move the project along. Alchemical Wealth Building is in part, designed to address this issue. However, it is far more than that. Alchemical Wealth building is how to make the process of wealth building, in any form, a transformational process. The transformation spoken of here is the transformation of the wealth builder and everyone touched by the wealth building activity. Wealth Building refers to any activity that has as part of it’s intent the acquisition of wealth - be it going to a job as an employee, providing a service as a self employed person, building a business, or investing. This training will be covered in the Alchemical Wealth Buidling Blog

This may seem like an overwhelming amount of training but all of the skills of each of these categories are specific expressions of 11 core skill categories of Visionary Heart Alchemy. Once basic adeptness at these 11 skill categories is achieved the diverse applications will become quite easy. Adeptness at these 11 categories can be achieved surprisingly quickly with the application of accelerated training and learning methods and the correct order of training.

The 11 skills are
Sensualization (”visualization” with all five senses)
Accessing the guidance from the Visionary Heart
State Mastery

One will quickly notice that these categories penetrate one another. One can relax by changing ones breathing or by visualizing certain images. Certain states make sensualization easier, Etc. One will also see every method of transformation or spiritual practice whether modern or ancient either has the purpose of cultivating these skills or utilizes them singularly or in combination.

In Visionary Heart Alchemy, any method used to cultivate these skills or that applies them is called an alchemy (pl.: alchemies.). Many alchemies, even from the very beginning, develop multiple skill categories. Also, because of the interconnectedness of the categories, skill in one category can be used to develop skills in another. This fact combined with the accelerated learning and training methods (which are themselves applications of the 11 skills) make what might otherwise be the overwhelming task of becoming quickly competent at all 11 skill categories attainable.

Training in the 11 core skills categories and in the different training arenas can be greatly accelerated by the use of what I call Transformational Technology which is the application of modern day technology to enhance in transformation, development and healing. This technology and its application is discussed in the Transformational Technology Blog

While the intention in developing the Alchemical Hero training is to rapidly empower those who desire to make a real contribution to the world, most of the sections of Alchemical Hero training are of universal value and would be of interest to those whose initial scope of interest is less vast or perhaps more mundane. These are in fact rapidly becoming basic survival skills. This broader “market” is very desirable because the methods themselves engendered the broader scope they where intended for. I call this covert empowerment

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Intro to Alchemical Fitness Blog
This is posted in the Alchemical Fitness blog

Alchemical Fitness Blog is an exploration into the whole arena of health and fitness and its many components from the point of view of the Global Alchemy Template. It is an aspect of Visionary Heart Alchemy and this blogs in the Project Global Alchemy Blog Matrix which give expression to the Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment.

While physical health and fitness are worthy goals in themselves, and do, of themselves, support the inner transformation an alchemist aims towards, in the global alchemy approach…(read more)

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