Empowered Spiritual Entrepreneur - the 30 day Challenge

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Spiritual Entrepreneurship is more or less synonymous with what I have called on this blog as Alchemical Entrepreneurship, that is to say Entrepreneurship that:

  • Is inspired and directed by our spiritual nature to express itself in ways that are meant to be of the highest benefit to all.
  • Uses spiritual principles to support business success
  • Makes business part of, rather than a distraction, from spiritual practice

Go here for a more in depth look at Alchemical Entrepreneurship,

Sharon Wilson, a very successful coach for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, or as she says, Spiritualpreneurs, has just launched a 30 day challenge for people to become empowered Spiritualpreneurs.     read more…

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Transforming Business Language

Posted on Alchemical Business & Entrepreneurship Blog

Recently, Judith and Jim, over at Bridging Heart & Marketing asked an important question on their blog. “do you like to be called ‘traffic’?” They where referring to… (read more)

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Reasons I am Focusing on Internet Marketing

Posted on Alchemical Wealth Building Blog

In my Sources for Cashflow post, I briefly describe why I have decided to focus on utilizing the cashflow quadrants of Self-employment and Business (and what distinguishes these two in Self-Employment vs Business) as my primary FA-O (first attention-outer) aspect of my overall Alchemical Wealth Building Strategy. I am focusing at this time on Internet Marketing as my primary strategy for both of these.

There are several reason I have chosen Internet Marketing as my first venture into the FA-O (first attention-outer) aspects of Alchemical Wealth Building

First many of the common methods of Internet Marketing lean towards Alchemical Business (& Alchemical Marketing) values to begin with. For example…(read more)


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Alchemical Marketing & Advertising

Posted on the Alchemical Business&Entrepreneurship Blog

If you pay attention to advertising, you will notice that the vast majority of it attempts to make you feel disempowered in some way and then lead you to believe that their product will remedy this disempowerment. No doubt this is in accord with studies of advertising psychology and been shown to be an effective method. However I have no doubt that if given a product that actually adds value to peoples life or is of genuine benefit then a creative person in touch with their heart can find ways to design highly effective advertising that refrains this kind of tactic and, more then that, actually benefits anyone who comes in contact with it whether or not they buy the product

One of the root goals of an Alchemical Marketer is to develop marketing strategies that … (read more)

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Alchemical Business Simplified- Business with Heart

This is Posted on the the Alchemical Business&Entrepreneurship Blog

At its  most essential Alchemical Business is concerned with identifying what kind of paradigm business must operate from be an entirely positive force in world and expressing this paradigm into the structure and operation of every single aspect of business.

While there are many specifics elements that this paradigm needs to have…(read more)


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The Many Systems Within Business

Posted on the Alchemical Business&Entrepreneurship Blog

Business is itself composed many systems such as marketing, human resources, accounting, intra-community (the community of the people in the business), inter-community (relating the ‘external’ community both local and global, including customers, suppliers, “competition”, the communities in which the business operates), to name just a few. Many of these … (read more)

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Intro to Alchemical Business and Entrepreneurship Blog

Posted on the  Alchemical Business and Entrepreneurship Blog

The Alchemical Business and Entrepreneurship Blog explore the application of the Global Alchemy Template to the arena Business and Entrepreneurship. Since this arena is one of the systems that shape our interactions with each other and the environment it is an exploration of Systems Alchemy; the first to get its own blog.

Business and Entrepreneurship is so honored in being first, in part due to it being an major aspect of Alchemical Wealth Building which is part of the core Alchemical Hero Training because it is considered an essential training for Global Alchemists or any Heart Centered Visionary. There are only a few other specific explorations of Systems Alchemy that have parts in the core training. This is because few other systems are so pervasive… (read more)

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