About the Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment

Greetings, My name is Tamo. At the time of this writing I am without income, savings, or credit and deeply indebt. Yet I possess a very encompassing vision to support the realization of a sustainable heart centered global civilization that is based on paradigm that has the truth of our interdependence as one of its core assertions.

The central theme of this vision is what I call Global Alchemy. Global Alchemy is both what the vision is and how the vision is being brought forth.

Global Alchemy

Two useful definitions of Global Alchemy:

Global Alchemy is the art and science of becoming the change you want to see in the world and expressing that into the world  through heart centered visionary engagement.

Global Alchemy is the art and science of transforming the way humans exist upon this planet. This includes the humans themselves, their relationships and interactions with each other and their relationship to and interaction with all life and the environment.

Both of these definitions show Global Alchemy to be concerned with two interdependent arenas – Personal Alchemy and Systems Alchemy.

Personal Alchemy is concerned with the transformation of the humans themselves and is the basic unit for transformation. It only takes one person in a system to initiate transformation of a system but unless the process of transformation transforms the people who manage and perpetuate the system, it can not be sustained. In the words of Gandhi “We must become the change we want to see in the world”

Systems Alchemy is concerned with the transformation of the systems and structures that shape our relationships to and interactions with each other and the environment. This includes (in no particular order) governments, politics, commerce, business, education, media, judicial process, agriculture, industry, wealth distribution, technology, family, community, culture, entertainment, housing, construction, science, economics, and international relations.

Project Global Alchemy

Project Global Alchemy is the umbrella term for an ever expanding group of integrally related experiments, projects, businesses, structures (institutes, associations, teams, corporations, non-profits, etc.) that are expressions and implementations of the Vision of Global Alchemy.

One of the key aspects of this Vision is empowering people to become effective Global Alchemist who participate in various Projects of Global Alchemy initiated by themselves and/or those initiated by other people. The Vision is to provide all the tools and resources necessary to take anyone from wherever they are in their lives to engaging life as an empowered Global Alchemist effectively participating in whatever Projects of Global Alchemy their inner guidance leads them to . This includes having  all the tools and skill necessary to  initiate and sustain  Global Alchemy projects.

The Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment

The Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment is my application of the vision to manifest the vision, hence “Bootstrap”. I will apply the methods of Global Alchemy to take me from where I am with all my unique sets of challenges and assets to the manifestation and continued sustenance and growth of a massive lattice of many interrelated projects of Global Alchemy.

The Immediate areas of focus of the GA Bootstrap Experiment: I will use the process of Global Alchemy to:

  • Heal my own inner resistance to manifesting this vision
  • To gather/create my core team of Global Alchemists
  • To articulate and make available to the world the various components of the vision
    • Initially greater emphasis will be placed on the Personal Alchemy aspect as it is the foundation of Systems Alchemy
  • Create cash flow to financial support myself and the various projects in ways that are in complete congruence with the vision