Global Alchemy Spiritual Life Coaching is a Go

For those of you who have been following the Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap Experiment, you know it was slow going for awhile. Well the last month or so has shown great progress.  (Part of the credit for that burst of progress has been my participation in the 30day Spiritalpreneur Challenge.)

One of the major breakthroughs has been the  addition of Benjamin Langly to the Project Global Alchemy Bootstrap team. He and I (Tamo) have together started the first business expression of Project Global Alchemy- Global Alchemy Spirutal Life Coaching - and the website is live We have not yet implemented the our “shopping cart” yet - so it is still in the business “building” stage and not the revenue generation stage, I suppose we should get on that - but hey it is a good start and we are darn proud.

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