Practicing what I Preach

I have devoted a lot of time to getting this blog matrix to the point it has reached, where all the current blogs have been introduced. (it took awhile to get to the last few as I felt I had to introduce some ideas that are used in the introductions and early posts of these later blog. ) To this end I have done less of my daily Personal Alchemy practice then is my preference. As I have repeatedly said and will continue to say through out the posts on this blog matrix, I feel Personal Alchemy to be the foundation for Systems and Global Alchemy and that an on going daily practice of Personal Alchemy is essential and the more the better. So, on this day that celebrates the day the Buddha began to teach the system of Personal Alchemy that came to be called Buddhism, I am putting more fully into practice that which I preach and devoting more time each day to my Personal Alchemy Practice.

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