A.T.I.A. Sessions

Alchemical Transformation Integration & Activation


The Structure of Consciousness and their correlates in the physical and subtle-energetic bodies determine, at the very least, the way we experience reality. According to Esoteric Principles found in the Spiritual Wisdom traditions these structure actually create (or co-create) reality itself.


Through the artful application of a vast pallet of Alchemical Healing and Transformational Skillful Means, I can in assist you in transforming these structures and activating new ones, to create whole new experiencing of life.


In each session, typically lasting 60-90 minutes, we will enter into a transformational dance to the sweet music of  divine inspiration during which I will draw upon a vast skill set of Alchemical Processes that will address the very structure that create your life and how you experience it.


This pallet of skillful means included processes that work with the physical body, the energetic-sublet systems and consciousness itself.  Because of the wide range of skillful means I bring to each session and because the music of divine inspiration unfolds as original composition each time, every session is unique.


In addition to the immediate and lasting benefits derived from each session, each session is also training in alchemical skillful means that you can use without my assistance. This has several benefits. First it will help you deepen and extend the benefits you receive from each session. Each of the skills will have many applications to help you live a more meaningful and fulfilled life on their own. If you choose to practice with the skills between sessions, the sessions will become even more powerful by the skillfulness you bring to them. And finally, In time you will have a enough skills to do ATIA sessions, for yourself anytime you wish.


Some of the benefits of  ATIA Sessions can typically include

  • A powerful releasing of accumulated stress and an increasing capacity to remain relaxed in situations you used to think of as stressful
  • The healing and release of  accumulated emotional trauma both known and unknown
  • Clearing of block in the energy flow of the subtle-energetic body
  • Balancing and energizing of  specific powerzones in the subtle energetic body (Powerzones include Chakras, Meridians and Qabalistic Sepheroth)
  • The activation and energizing of  structures that support “Higher” Consciousness and Non-ordinary States
  • Increasing the harmony  in the physical bodies structures and systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous system, organs, hormonal, biochemical, etc)
  • Increase immune system responsiveness
  • Increase the production of hormones and neurotransmitters associated with positive emotions and longevity
  • The transformation of  limiting beliefs,  concepts and habitual patterns




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