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Alchemical Hero Training – This is training for those who are already, or would like to be actively and passionately engaged in transforming our global civilization into one based on the embodied realization of our interconnectedness with each other, all life and the environment. This is an expansion of the Visionary Heart Alchemy Training into full Global Alchemy. Global Alchemy is the art and science of becoming the change you want to see in the world and expressing that change through heart-center visionary engagement. Visionary Heart Alchemy covers “becoming the change  while Alchemical Hero Training deals with “heart-centered visionary engagement.  As Visionary Heart Alchemy is the foundation of Alchemical Hero Training they are initially, for the most part identical, however for those who are interested in the broader Alchemical Hero Training, that intention will shape the how the Visionary Heart Alchemy Training tailored to them.


The aim of the Alchemical Hero Training is to provide everything anyone will need to engage with life in a way that is congruent with the intention of creating a sustainable global civilization who’s systems and structures  are grounded in a paradigm that include the realization of our interconnectivity with each  other, all life and the environment.


The Training will help you connect with a heart-centered vision for your life and with all the tools you need to express that vision into the world.


You will learn to apply the Global Alchemy Template to every aspect of your life as it is now. This will transform what ever you are doing now, into vehicles of visionary expression that will carry to ever more heart-centered visionary expression and engagement. You will also learn methods of Systems Alchemy to begin transforming the systems that you engage with.


You will deepen your Genius Genesis skills to help you more rapidly acquire what ever knowledge and skills you need to express your visionary life. You will also learn how to rapidly teach and train others, who are drawn to participate in your visionary expressions


You will learn Alchemical Communication and Leaderships skills to increase the power of mutual support and to build structures that allow your visionary intents to grow beyond the need of you direct attention, allowing you to focus on other intentions.


You will learn Alchemical Business and Entrepreneurship so that the visionary structures you build can be continually fed or fueled with the needed cashflow as well as free you from needing to rely on employment for your cashflow needs. (It may well be that ones visionary expression as an alchemical hero includes being employed however having these skill will transform the nature of being employed from one of survival need to one of visionary choice.)




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